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Lenvari: Journal of Social Science E-ISSN: 2988-5361 P-ISSN: 2988-5353 is a peer-reviewed and open-access academic publication promoting research and scholarship in social science. It is published twice a year by Yayasan Lentera Avanya Nagari, Indonesia since 2023. This journal serves as a platform for academics, researchers, and practitioners to share their findings and insights on a wide range of social issues, including but not limited to sociology, communication, psychology, anthropology, political science, economics, and public policy.

Journal Title : Lenvari: Journal of Social Science
Initials : JSS
Frequency : Twice a year 
ISSN Online : 2988-5361
ISSN Print : 2988-5353
Chief Editor : Dr. Akhirul Aminulloh
DOI Prefix : 10.61105/jss
Publisher : Yayasan Lentera Avanya Nagari
Accreditation : -

Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024)
Published: 2024-06-21


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Editorial Office :
Yayasan Lentera Avanya Nagari
Perumahan Pesona Mutiara, Dau, Malang, Indonesia 65144
Email: joss.journal@lenvari.org, lenvari.journal@gmail.com
Website: lenvari.org