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Journal of Indonesian Society Empowerment (JISE) E-ISSN 2987-7288 P-ISSN 2987-8160 is the place for publishing and disseminating critical ideas and research in social work. The journal aims to advance theoretical understanding, shape policy, and inform practice and welcomes submissions from all areas of social work activity. This journal focuses on the publication of lecturers, students, researchers, practitioners, professionals, and servants who reflect the results of community service activities, which are characterized by the use and application of science, technology, and art to solve problems that exist in society.

We accept research and conceptual articles in some of these areas, but not limited to: Community Empowerment; Social Access; Community Service; Education for Sustainable Development; Service to the Community; Training, Marketing, Technological Accuracy, and Design; Outskirt Areas and Undeveloped Areas; and Education for Sustainable Development;

Journal Title : Journal of Indonesian Society Empowerment
Initials : JISE
Frequency : Twice a year (June & December)
ISSN Online : 2987-7288 (29877288/II.7.4/SK.ISSN/06/2023)
ISSN Print : 2987-8160 (29878160/II.7.4/SK.ISSN/06/2023)
Chief Editor : Dr. Zulkarnain, M.Pd, M.Si
DOI Prefix : 10.61105
Publisher : Yayasan Lentera Avanya Nagari
Accreditation : -


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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024)
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Published: 01-06-2024


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